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Aquarium of Playa

In the three floors of EL ACUARIO DE PLAYA we have more than 200 species distributed in 45 exhibitions, which have been organized according to different themes and environments for the enjoyment of our visitors.

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3D Museum

The 3D Museum of Wonders is an interactive museum showcasing the astonishing artistic creations of one of the world’s leading illustrators in 3D conceptual artwork. Astonishing optical illusions are exhibited throughout this magnificent space. You don’t simply see the works on display—you are immersed in them and become part of the exhibit itself.


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Frida Kahlo Museum

The purpose of the Frida Kahlo Riviera Maya Museum is to explore the key events in the artist´s life and to undertake a series of conceptual approaches with them, so that the public can relate to and understand the overwhelming existence of a woman whose footprints have marked society.