Playacar, a tour to enjoy in Playa del Carmen.

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Playacar, one more tour to enjoy in Playa del Carmen.When you hear about Playacar, what do you think? This complex is known for having luxurious residences and 5 star hotels, but besides that, do you know that you can take a tour through the tranquility of its cycle track and find the ideal place to rest in PLAYACAR CENTER?

That's right, besides being a place of high luxury and residences of millions of dollars, Playacar has different attractions that you can't miss the next time you visit the area.

Playacar has a magnificent golf course that surrounds a large part of the route, an aviary with a huge number of wild species, an archaeological zone with several buildings that were used by the Mayans and which is also said to be the first settlement visited by the spanish on their arrival in Cozumel and an excellent shopping center with a lot of options to buy crafts or to eat after the tour.

The complex has 3 controlled accesses which gives you great security during your trip which can start in phase 2 and ride a bike along the track cycle enjoying the landscape and relaxed atmosphere. The Xaman Ha aviary is very close to this access and has a 9am to 5pm schedule with ticket costs from $300 pesos.

On the way to the PLAYACAR CENTER square you will pass by the ruins of Xaman Ha which are free, in it's heyday this was a fishing settlement with a very large connection with the citadel of Tulum and the castle of Coba.

And to close with a flourish and refresh after the bicycle tour the best option is to arrive to PLAYACAR CENTER, a commercial and cultural place where you can find crafts, fashion and gastronomy.

Enjoy a refreshing craft beer, or a delicious pizza while enjoying the wonderful view that you can only find in PLAYACAR CENTER. The plaza has free parking, wi fi, public bathrooms, countless shops to have a memory of your visit, restaurants and bars.

You'll be able to recognize Playacar Center for its imposing ceiba, sacred Mayan tree which they believed for their height, that their branches supported the skies. While it's deep roots were the media between the world of the living and the underworld.

And now that you know this attraction, what are you waiting for to visit Playacar?